Investment Process

RAN's Investment Process

  • Screening Committee meetings are held the last Wednesday of each month. 

  • Membership meetings are held the 2nd Tuesday of each month. 

  • Companies of interest are invited to present before the entire RAN membership. Companies are given 15 minutes to present and 10 minutes for Q&A. After a presentation RAN members discuss the deal, and those with interest self-identify into a "deal team". At this point, one of the deal team members may step forward to lead the efforts as the "deal captain".

  • The deal team schedules one or more follow up meetings with the company to investigate the deal further. If interest remains after these meetings, the deal team negotiates a term sheet with the company which spells out the amount of investment interest RAN members have in the deal, and at what terms they are willing to make an investment.

  • All deal team members invest at the same terms as spelled out in the term sheet. They may decide to individually write checks directly to the company, or pool their funds into a single purpose entity (like an LLC) and have that entity make the investment into the company. In addition, if the deal team does not have enough investment interest to meet the full amount sought by the company, the deal team may bring the opportunity back to the full RAN membership or to non-RAN members to try to fill out the round.

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