Entrepreneur FAQ

Entrepreneur FAQ

What is an angel investor?
Angel investors are high net worth individuals or business people who make high-risk, 
potentially high-yield investments in start-up companies or small businesses looking to 
expand their market opportunities. Angel investors typically focus on companies that have 
already developed a basic concept and business strategy, and are in the seed stage of investment. 
An emphasis is placed on business enterprises with the potential for rapid growth.

What types of companies have received investments from Rochester Angel Network members?
Rochester Angel Network members are interested in early stage, high-growth investment opportunities. 
While they are not limited by any geographical boundaries, members prefer to invest in companies doing 
business in western New York. To date, members have invested in high tech companies 
that have unique competitive advantages and rapidly scalable business markets. 
Click here to view a list of companies that have received investments from Rochester Angel Network members.

How are deals selected for presentation to the Rochester Angel Network?
Applications are reviewed by the screening committee on a monthly basis. 
The screening committee is looking for applications from companies that represent high growth 
and high yield potential. A select few of the applicants are invited to present to the full 
Rochester Angel Network membership.

How long is the application process?
From initial application submission to final negotiation of investment terms can take 
anywhere from three to five months. Keep in mind that an application can be delayed or 
denied funding at any stage in the process. Click here to view the various stages of this process.

What are your criteria for making an investment?
Rochester Angel Network members make their own investment decisions. 
In general, members are looking for opportunities to invest in high growth companies that 
have a good management team as well as a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Are there any fees to submit an application to the Rochester Angel Network?
There is no fee to submit an application for review by the Rochester Angel Network.

Is the Rochester Angel Network a venture capital fund?
No. The Rochester Angel Network is a group of accredited angel investors. 
Rochester Angel Network members make their own investment decisions and invest their own personal funds.

Do Rochester Angel Network members take stock in my company?
Typically, Rochester Angel Network members invest in preferred stock of a company, 
but other investment vehicles, such as convertible notes, may also be used, depending on the deal.

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